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Royal Enfield Ride in Bangalore!

Today the team took us out for breakfast! I was pretty excited to hitch a ride with Sunil who has a Royal Enfield motorbike. I am told that the Royal Enfield is an Indian icon! It is the oldest motorcyle brand in the world still in production. Soooo much fun! I was secretly hoping that I might get to do this in Bangalore sometime during our visit here.

Thanks Sunil!

Row on the bike with Sunil
Row on the bike with Sunil
Natasha on the bike with Sunil
Natasha on the bike with Sunil

Off to Bangalore soon!


I’ve created this blog for 3 reasons:

  1. to help keep my family in the loop on my 5 week stay in Bangalore India
  2. a place to record my chaotic thoughts and activities while in India
  3. a home for my photos while on the run!

I assume I’ll be talking to myself here most of the time…and I’m ok with that. Good thing I have multiple personalities to keep myself entertained. I have the serious ‘day job’ personality who I’ll call Rowena, the Pottery personality who I’ll call Row, the personality who’s always wanted to go to India and adopt an Indian girl, who I’ll call Ranjita (Indian name meaning =  ‘Amusing’).