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Shopping in Chickpet, Bangalore

Today we went saree shopping in Chickpet. We were told this is a great place to buy them. We have to wear a saree to work one day sometime in the next couple of weeks. It’s all quite daunting as there are so many places to buy them, so we decided to go to a small shop hoping to get some individual attention in Chickpet. I can safely say that we got lots of individual attention. There were so many to choose from. You could have as much ‘bling’ as you wanted. After buying them we then had to find a tailor to make the blouse to go under the saree. We got a bit lost down some of the small side streets trying to find this elusive tailor until about an hour later we found a whole bunch of tailors… of course in the opposite direction. Natasha can thank me for getting lost and slip sliding away with the cows. We pick up our saree’s on Monday night with the blouse so I’ll do another post later when we have them on.

Below are some photos from Chickpet.

Shopping_Chickpet_Bangalore Saree_shopping3 Saree_shopping2 Saree_shoppingShopping_Chickpet_Bangalore4 Shopping_Chickpet_Bangalore3 Shopping_Chickpet_Bangalore2 Roads_in_Bangalore