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Shopping in Chickpet, Bangalore

Today we went saree shopping in Chickpet. We were told this is a great place to buy them. We have to wear a saree to work one day sometime in the next couple of weeks. It’s all quite daunting as there are so many places to buy them, so we decided to go to a small shop hoping to get some individual attention in Chickpet. I can safely say that we got lots of individual attention. There were so many to choose from. You could have as much ‘bling’ as you wanted. After buying them we then had to find a tailor to make the blouse to go under the saree. We got a bit lost down some of the small side streets trying to find this elusive tailor until about an hour later we found a whole bunch of tailors… of course in the opposite direction. Natasha can thank me for getting lost and slip sliding away with the cows. We pick up our saree’s on Monday night with the blouse so I’ll do another post later when we have them on.

Below are some photos from Chickpet.

Shopping_Chickpet_Bangalore Saree_shopping3 Saree_shopping2 Saree_shoppingShopping_Chickpet_Bangalore4 Shopping_Chickpet_Bangalore3 Shopping_Chickpet_Bangalore2 Roads_in_Bangalore

Royal Enfield Ride in Bangalore!

Today the team took us out for breakfast! I was pretty excited to hitch a ride with Sunil who has a Royal Enfield motorbike. I am told that the Royal Enfield is an Indian icon! It is the oldest motorcyle brand in the world still in production. Soooo much fun! I was secretly hoping that I might get to do this in Bangalore sometime during our visit here.

Thanks Sunil!

Row on the bike with Sunil
Row on the bike with Sunil
Natasha on the bike with Sunil
Natasha on the bike with Sunil

Iscon Temple

We visited the Iscon temple and watched some of the ceremonies. We were not allowed to take any photos on the inside. After going through the temple we then went to the vegetarian cafe in the lower ground level of the temple. My favourite was the lemon rice with peanuts. But the samosa’s were pretty amazing to. I also bought a vegetarian cook book from the temple book store called ‘The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking’. (Dale/Simone/Brian, I can hear you laughing from the other side of the world.)



Breakfast at Work in Bangalore

Because work starts at 6am, staff stop at 8.30am for breakfast. So we all go to the cafeteria for breakfast together.

My favourite are the Dosa’s which are rice based. I normally get an Onion and Tomatoe Dosa. The different sauces that come with the Dosa’s are delicious!

My Onion & Tomato Dosa for breakfast
My Onion & Tomato Dosa for breakfast

One of Natasha’s favourites is the Puri as shown below. It is an unleavened deep-fried Indian bread. It is eaten for breakfast or as a snack or light meal. It is usually served with a curry or bhaji, as in Puri bhaji. They are hollow on the inside, so they just puff when you put your finger through them. The savoury potatoe that comes with it is also delicious.

Puri for Breakfast at work

Shopping in Commercial Street District in Bangalore!

We have gone to Commercial Street district for shopping 2 times now. There are many small side streets that have many colourful shops where you can pick up lots of great items at great prices. The shops are mainly for womens clothing and jewellery.


Natasha bought these handmade shoes made from camel leatherHandmadeShoes

We had a delicious snack from the below. They are kinda like chips but
they are made from legumes that are crushed. They grab a piece of paper and
scroll it up into a cup, then they pour some of the chips in and then mix
through the chips some red onion, tomatoes and then sprinkle with fresh lemon
juice. Yum!SnackInCommercialStreet

Enthusiastic Learners in Bangalore!

When training in Australia, I hate to say it…the Aussies can sometimes be quite ‘jaded’. Not here in Bangalore! They are quite literally the most engaged and enthusiastic learners I have ever seen. No matter what exercise, activity or …heaven forbid… a ‘game’ we throw at them, they absolutely love it. And you know what… they are the fastest learners that I have come across to.

To welcome us to the Bangalore office they had a Welcome sign down in the foyer and they also decorated the training room with balloons and streamers etc. They made us feel so welcome.

Rolling the dice below for a Snakes & Ladders revision exercise. Training7 Training2
Training1 Training 3

The women all dress so beautifully for work.


This is what Sydney needs!

These Rickshaws in Bangalore are the best way to get around.  If only I could get a Rickshaw like these to work in Sydney! I could duck in and out of all the traffic and get to work in half the time.

Rickshaw in Bangalore
Rickshaw in Bangalore


Natasha in the Rickshaw below…This was my first time getting into a Rickshaw. I’ve been using these everyday now. Natasha has travelled extensively, so this is old news to her. But for me, I must say my heart rate was quite high for the first few rides. RickshawInBangalore3

You have to watch for cows on the roads…


Dodging all the cows on the roads in Bangalore