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Tipu Sultan’s Palace

This is Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Seringapatam, Mysore.

You are not allowed to take photos inside the palace. The photo below is taken by standing outside looking in through the door (a bit naughty, I know, such a tourist I am). Inside are many intricate murals and stories told via paintings, art, colour, patterns and textures. It was quite mesmerizing! I have never seen so many different patterns and colours in one place.

SultansPalace4SultansPalace2 SultansPalace1

Mysore Palace Light Show

Below are some photos from Mysore Palace. Most nights they put on a light show at the palace….it was amazing….you sit down and listen to a story (not in English) that is accompanied with music that corresponds with different lights displaying at different times. At the end of the story the coloured lights go and the whole palace lights up in the white lights for 3 minutes. The weather was perfect and the ambience was wonderful!

MysorePalace13 MysorePalace12MysorePalaceWhiteLights1MysorePalace11MysorePalace1MysorePalace10 MysorePalace9 MysorePalace8 MysorePalace7 MysorePalace6

The shots below are taken when walking out of Mysore Palace grounds… MysorePalace5 MysorePalace4 MysorePalace3 MysorePalace2

On The Road Today!

Can you guess what is wrong with the picture below? Look at our Rickshaw drivers right leg….yes…he is pushing another rickshaw that had run out of petrol. Our Rickshaw driver must of been a ‘saint’ because he was the first driver to agree to putting on the meter for us (rather then quoting an inflated price) and then half way through our drive he stopped for the broken down rickshaw and then literally pushed the other rickshaw for about 5 kms to a petrol station with his right leg.

Rickshaw pushing another rickshaw that had run out of petrol
Rickshaw pushing another rickshaw that had run out of petrol


This is what Sydney needs!

These Rickshaws in Bangalore are the best way to get around.  If only I could get a Rickshaw like these to work in Sydney! I could duck in and out of all the traffic and get to work in half the time.

Rickshaw in Bangalore
Rickshaw in Bangalore


Natasha in the Rickshaw below…This was my first time getting into a Rickshaw. I’ve been using these everyday now. Natasha has travelled extensively, so this is old news to her. But for me, I must say my heart rate was quite high for the first few rides. RickshawInBangalore3

You have to watch for cows on the roads…


Dodging all the cows on the roads in Bangalore