City Markets in Bangalore!

We went to the KR Market yesterday (also known as the City Markets)…wow, what an experience! My poor phone camera got a real ‘work-out’. Times like these I wish I was a better photographer, but anyway these photos will help me remember this place hopefully. It wasn’t a very sunny day so I think the colours would be even more vibrant if there was more sun.

CityMarketsBangalore1ACityMarketsBangalore21 CityMarketsBangalore20CityMarketsBangalore19 CityMarketsBangalore18 CityMarketsBangalore17 CityMarketsBangalore16 CityMarketsBangalore15CityMarketsBangalore14 CityMarketsBangalore13 CityMarketsBangalore12 CityMarketsBangalore11 CityMarketsBangalore10 CityMarketsBangalore9 CityMarketsBangalore8 CityMarketsBangalore7 CityMarketsBangalore6 CityMarketsBangalore5 CityMarketsBangalore4 CityMarketsBangalore3 CityMarketsBangalore2 CityMarketsBangalore1A CityMarketsBangalore1Vegetables2 Vegetables1 CityMarketsBangalore22

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