Visiting Pottery Town in Bangalore

Pottery Town in Bangalore
Pottery Town in Bangalore

I visited Pottery Town in Bangalore today. Wooo, hoooo…..

Pottery Town was born when the Government gave 60 potters a designated area on a 30-year lease and 23 families are in business here. It’s really only 1-2 streets, but still totally worthwhile visiting if you love pottery.

Many potters were at work, so I got to take different photos covering almost the full lifecycle, i.e. making the clay, wedging the clay, throwing, drying, firing, glazing etc

I had a driver take me there as I still have no idea how to get around and I stick out like anything.  The traffic is crazy…cows and goats everywhere on the roads. The driver also walked with me around the potters as I kept getting in the way of the rickshaws, cars, cow poop etc. He is trying so hard to be my tour guide, telling me lots of stories but I have no idea what he is saying. Can’t make sense of his accent.

7 thoughts on “Visiting Pottery Town in Bangalore

    1. Hi there, great to hear from you. I’ll be reading some of your posts for encouragement. Nothing like God’s Word to help me out especially when I feel quite nervous being in such a different place.

  1. Wow, love the photos. So interesting, even for someone who isn’t a pottery fan. Love those decorative weird shaped bowl things. Can you buy off them directly and if so, how much do they charge?

    1. Cool. thanks Simone. Yes, I bought a few pieces directly from the pottery families. Which ones exactly are the ones that you like and I”ll see if I can get some for you if you like. My purchases added up to a $10 Australian. Hey, while you are in Peru, can you please take some photos of pottery over there and send to me or put up on your blog and then I’ll re-blog your post to my bolg (or something like that). Not urgent, only if you happen to see local pottery etc.

    1. Hey, no worries, yes, settling in quicker then expected which is great.
      Looks like you are having lots of fun with your new firings. Pretty impressive stuff. You would of been impressed with the big hand made kilns in Pottery Town.

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